Our Team
Meet our digital Yodas
Mary Adel
Project Manager
Danny Alpert
Executive Producer
Stacy Bebié-Laiderman
Miriam Brosseau
Director of Engagement
Bridgett Colling
Digital Marketing Project Manager
Lisa Colton
Chief Learning Officer
Michael Farouk
Technical Team Leader (Mobile Development)
Mina Feniar
Technical Project Manager
Tiffany Krystal Hinton
Director of Operations
Michael Hoffman
Mitch Hurst
Senior Consultant
Amgad Kaldas
Development Manager
Briana Kerensky
Marketing Manager
Nicole Long
Digital Marketing Project Manager
Romany Nassief
Senior Web Developer
Mary Otts-Rubenstein
ELI Talks Project Coordinator
John Saleem
Senior Technical Director
Emad Samir
Technical Project manager
Erin Schaeffer
Director of Finance and Human Resources
Jennifer Shand
Digital Marketing Project Manager
Matt Taylor
Postproduction Manager