See3 is Now a Certified B Corp and Your Company Should Be Too

After a rigorous audit of business practices, See3 Communications has been awarded B Corp status by the nonprofit B Lab. B Corps meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We think more businesses should act like our nonprofit friends and clients and put people over profits.

The Supreme Court says that a corporation is a person. But who says this person needs to be an asshole?

Nothing gets my blood boiling more than reading about some group that supposedly represents businesses and business owners. Almost always, these groups are complaining about paying taxes, paying for healthcare, needing to provide a living wage for employees, or that they need to actually follow health and safety regulations.

Business, I strongly believe, can be a force for good. Our planet and our health have been polluted enough by corporations that have put profit over people. We are increasingly seeing how socially responsible business can enhance life for workers, communities and the planet.

I founded See3 as a vehicle for social good and as a business intended to be sustainable and make money. Our mission is to increase the impact of nonprofits and social causes through effective strategy and digital communications. But our commitment to social good extends, or rather emanates from, the way we operate the business. Treating our employees well, being committed to the environment and the communities in which we work, making sure our partners operate ethically… we can’t separate the means from the ends.

For many companies, the ends — profit — are all that matters.  The exclusive focus on profit has actually been reinforced through the law. The fiduciary responsibility to shareholders is focused on profit — to the detriment of our communities and our planet. There are many people who have an issue with this narrow focus on profit and who have sought to write issues of transparency, environment and community impact into the rules that govern businesses.

There is, in fact, a whole movement of companies that seek to operate from a place where profit matters, but where it is one of several things that matter. And that place is B Corp.

We’re proud to join this community of 1,550 companies in 42 countries like Change.orgWarby Parker, and Unilever who are living up to B Corp’s vision of companies that compete for the title of Best for the World rather than just being the Best in the World.

You can join us too.

If you run or have influence in a for-profit company, see where you stand by taking the B Corp Assessment. It’s confidential, and you have no obligation to continue the process.

Rising up to the B Corp challenge will reaffirm the commitment you have to your company’s mission, and quite simply, that’s good for business.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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