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Into Focus - Benchmarks for nonprofits video and a guide for creators

Video is everywhere online and on mobile, and nonprofits know that it is a critical communications tool. How nonprofits can effectively use video is less clear. This benchmark report and guide is the first to examine how and what nonprofits are doing with video and what best practices have emerged.

Bring your video efforts into focus.
Download the Guide and find out how the nonprofit sector is using video, how to prepare and distribute wisely what metrics really matter, and what winning orgs are putting into their video effort.
To attract the advocates and donors that they need to their causes, nonprofit organizations must effectively use video or risk being drowned out of the conversation. Watch this video, get the topline of the guide, and share it with all the DoGooders you know!
We are See3, YouTube and Edelman. While each of us works with nonprofit organizations in a different capacity, we are all committed to moving the sector's communications forward.
  • See3 is the leading provider of video strategy and services to the nonprofit community and works nationally and internationally with social causes to engage and activate people.


  • YouTube is committed to assisting nonprofit organization, to use their channel to advance their missions. Through its Nonprofit Program, YouTube grants nonprofits special benefits that enhance their use of the platform.


  • Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, is committed to CSR, sustainability and citizenship and invests in research to advance the field. 

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