Cast Your Vote for the DoGooder Awards

For seven years, we’ve partnered with YouTubeNTEN and TechSoup to bring to life the DoGooder Awards. It’s our version of The Webby Awards where we recognize the people, causes and organizations that use video for social good. Every year, hundreds of videos are submitted and voted on by thousands of people from around the world who find the stories compelling, relatable or downright funny.

When social media and video convene, we can make a positive impact on the world.

This year, we’ve narrowed the finalists down it down to sixteen videos in three categories: Best Nonprofit Video, Funny for Good, and DoGooder YouTube Creator for Good. But only one video per category will win the ultimate prize of being featured on our partners YouTube channels and social media accounts. (The winners also will receive free registration to the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference from NTEN; which is a pretty spectacular event.)

With the DoGooder Awards, your vote is recorded in real time and is connected to either your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account. The videos that are currently in first place (but that can change) are:


Funny for Good — Tofucken: The Vegan Turduken

With 684 votes, this video takes a stab at a wholesome family recipe that isn't f*cking gross! The Tofucken took the internet by storm in late 2015, amassing over 15 million views between various iterations on YouTube and Facebook. The comedy cooking video made people laugh, but it also made them think about the plight of chickens, ducks, and turkeys used for food.



DoGooder YouTube Creator for Good — Marina Watanabe

With 73 votes, Marina's videos explore the social, the political, and the media from a feminist and intersectional perspective. She explores deeply personal topics like depression, body image, and race, sharing her intimate thoughts and feelings, and sparking important conversations among her audience of passionate subscribers.



Best Nonprofit Video — The Difference Between Care & Caring

With 2,147 votes, The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation tells an emotional, impactful story about the difference between care and caring and the incredible compassion our staff are dedicated to provide, it portrays a true heartfelt story of two past patients, our true "Notebook" love story.




Let your voice be heard. Go vote for your favorite videos before March 21, 2016. Then come back and join us on March 24 to see who the winners are!

Author: Nicole Miles
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