Declare independence from the digital marketing treadmill

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that digital communications are complicated and that we spend too much time chasing our tails with the latest social media shiny object. And that we can pretend to be "data driven," but we're just awash in vanity metrics and not always sure where we're going.

I hereby and through these words declare our independence from this tactical treadmill. The time of Digital Minimalism is upon us, and you too can join our Continental Army of courageous do-gooders yearning to breathe free and mix metaphors. And the place you start is at our Strategy Summit. I made a little video to help explain what you'll get to do and learn at this event. Check it out.

Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday, and I hope you're taking off Monday as well to practice some self-care and feel relaxed during the short work week ahead. Before you go, I want to tell you about two video tools we talked about this week and why you should take a look at them. Video is the most powerful content type online today but it's complicated and expensive to frequently create quality content. See3's tools will get you on the path to creating audience-driven content on a consistent basis.

Personalized Video

With Personalized Video we create one great video and add interesting material from your database. We can literally create hundreds of thousands of different videos for different constituents and use their name, last gift amount or other data to make it personal and unique. I had the great pleasure of doing a webinar this week about Personalized Video with Noel Beebe from the Alzheimer's Association. Totally worth the 40 minutes to watch how the Alzheimer's Association used the tool to boost their fundraising. Check out the recording. And here’s the slides, if that’s more your style.

GV-One from Gather Voices

The GV-One platform from See3's sister company Gather Voices allows organizations to easily collect, manage and publish user-generated video content. Now being used by Make-A-Wish, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, University of Chicago and others, this tool enables you to gather authentic stories from your best donors and advocates and solve all the issues related to user-generated content -- from rights management to getting your constituents to hold their phones the right way. I'll be doing a demo of this most Tuesdays at 1:00 Eastern starting on July 11. Register here.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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