How devastation changes the conversation

The theme of this week is devastation. I’m sure you’ve seen the countless photos and videos coming out of Houston. It’s the 4th largest city in the United States, and it's under water. Lives have been lost, and the amount of human disruption and property damage is massive. It will take a generation to recover from this.

All our nonprofit issues, no matter how different, are interconnected. Tropical Storm Harvey should be part of your organization’s conversation. I am sure that in some ways Harvey has impacted your organization’s constituents. Of course other parts of the world experience flooding and have much less capacity to manage it. There is a massive disaster happening right now in South Asia.

When thinking about some of our nonprofit clients working in health, early childhood education, poverty, and the Jewish community, I wonder how the core issues these organizations work to resolve are impacted by such devastation. Not to mention climate change!

Business as usual is tone deaf when there's a disaster of this scale.

However, devastation does not always have to be as large scale as a natural disaster. It is also this week’s theme because we lost a wonderful dogooder and storyteller, Aaron Bramley.

Aaron loved to help others and had incredible passion for the work he did for nonprofit organizations. He founded Lights.Camera.Help., a nonprofit organization that helps other nonprofits tell their story through video. I was proud to support Lights.Camera.Help. as we both sought to help nonprofits tell powerful stories, and Aaron always supported See3’s work with the DoGooder Awards.

Aaron was in his early thirties when he passed away battling cancer. He leaves behind his wife and 15-month-old son.

You can donate to the education fund for Aaron’s son here.

May his memory be for a blessing.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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