Meet the See3ples: Briana Kerensky

Briana Kerensky is the DC-based Digital Project Manager at See3. Originally from southern New Jersey (yes, she pronounces water “wooder” and loves Bruce Springsteen), Briana talks to us about what inspired her to work with nonprofits, her love of digital marketing, and her number one piece of advice for promoting social causes.

Tell us a bit about your background and what your role is at See3.

I earned my bachelor’s in journalism and initially dreamed of reporting on human rights issues. But after graduation, I decided to work with nonprofits instead. Supporting nonprofits’ digital efforts gives me the opportunity to be immersed in a subject I’m passionate about while also actively helping communities and individuals thrive. I’ve established digital communication strategies at Food & Water Watch and Communities In Schools, and recently received my master’s in communication with a digital concentration. In my free time, I run a digital marketing course at General Assembly, an organization dedicated to teaching people all sorts of 21st century skills.

At See3 I work with a variety of nonprofits to develop effective communication and technological strategies that meet the needs of their staff and their audiences.

What nonprofit or social cause are you most passionate about?

I truly believe in the possibility of a clean energy future, and that fracking is not going to get us there. Fracking is a destructive process used to extract natural gas and oil from rock that lies deep underground. It is extremely harmful for the environment and is linked to numerous health problems, including breast cancer and low birth weight in newborns. During my time at Food & Water Watch I shared numerous stories of people displaced from their homes or made sick by this dangerous drilling process. I am passionate about preserving our land and health for future generations support a total ban on fracking.

What do you read to stay up to date on digital media trends?

I absolutely love HubSpot and look forward to their emails every morning! They offer some great resources for nonprofits including free ebooks and content calendar templates. Moz is also really interesting and does a great job explaining the relationship between engaging content and SEO.

If you could share one piece of advice with nonprofits and social causes, what would it be?

Always think about your audience before you publish new content or projects online. Are you creating something that your audience would enjoy, use and share with their friends? Will it inspire people to take action, register to volunteer or donate? Take a moment before you hit “publish” to think about the ultimate purpose of the content and if it meets your engagement goals.

Want to get in touch with Briana? Shoot her an email at [email protected].

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