Meet the See3ples: Mitch Hurst

In March, Mitch Hurst joined the See3 Communications team. He is a Senior Consultant, working to expand the See3 network.

Tell us a bit about your background and what your role is at See3.

I have worked in the nonprofit world for most of my career. Several years ago, I launched my own consulting company, MH Communications, to work with nonprofits and grantmaking foundations. I’ve known Michael for a decade or so now, since my days running digital communications for the C.S. Mott Foundation in Flint, Michigan. Over the years we’ve tossed around the idea of working together but it wasn’t until February of this year that we decided the time was right.

See3 understands charities better than other digital agencies and I’m really excited for the opportunity to work on strategy projects with clients and to introduce more social investors to the company.

What brought you to See3?

After working as an independent communications consultant for a while, I wanted to partner with a really strong brand in the nonprofit space. Philanthropy, in particular, is seeing increased value in strategic online communications and together with See3 I want to engage with grantmakers and their grantees on ways to strengthen their online outreach and engagement.

What nonprofit or social cause are you most passionate about?

I started my career working for an association of philanthropies in Chicago. Ever since, I’ve been interested in the role American philanthropy has in shaping civil society here and internationally. Philanthropy touches so many issues — education, health care, housing, employment — and I’m intrigued by how it can drive important conversations and policies that impact our lives.

What do you read to stay up to date on philanthropy and digital media trends?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy and the Foundation Center do a great job of covering philanthropy and nonprofits. My social media channels are filled with interesting coverage of digital communications issues, nicely curated by my online friends. For bigger picture trends about communications I pay attention to Guardian Media and other outlets that have super smart reporters covering the media world.

If you could share one piece of advice with nonprofits and social causes, what would it be?

Advocate in the form of a story. Narratives are what drive movements. Even if your issue is complex, seemingly impossible to explain, communicating about it in terms of human impact is the best way to productively engage with your audience.

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