One step forward, two steps back

The cruelty is mind-boggling. It seems that disasters often strike the most vulnerable people and make hard lives so much harder. We saw that in Houston, we see that in South East Asia where flooding has killed thousands, and we’re seeing that in the Caribbean with Hurricane Irma.

It's even more mind-boggling when those disasters are man-made. Like rescinding DACA.

Armando Carrada is typical of the Dreamers. He’s 27 years old and was brought to the US when he was 7. The US is really all he knows, and DACA, the government program for the Dreamers, enabled him to go to college and work legally in his hometown of Homestead, Florida. The idea of sending someone like Armando "back to Mexico" is cruel and counterproductive. These are some of our best and brightest, and turning them into criminals is no help to them, the companies that employ them, or the communities where they live.

But you knew that already, and you're outraged about it. Sometimes you just can't believe we've really found ourselves here. Sometimes you just get depressed about it and think, "Wow, the world is messed up."

That is not a good mental space to be in to motivate your constituents to action.

Anger can be a good motivator, but feelings of helplessness are paralyzing. Be outraged, but also show that change is possible. If it's not possible, why are you asking me to donate or get involved? Show me how my action can make a real difference. Show me that you are the antidote to my feelings of helplessness. Show me that you will help me step away from the stream of bad news to join the collective action that is methodically moving us to a better place. Believe in me, become my mentor and show me that I have a lot more power than I think I do to make change.

Use the outrage, tap into the anger, and let's all be the change we want to see in the world.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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