They’ve changed the Facebook algorithm today, again

Almost no one sees your organizational Facebook posts (see nifty graph in this post from Adgo about the decline of organic reach), unless of course you pay for people to see them. And Facebook is experimenting with forcing all brands to have their content show up in an alternative news feed. Facebook also recently changed how they are handling donations on the site.

I'm not going to go into the details of these changes here, because you know what? They will change it again tomorrow. (Or, at least, really soon. Social media management platform Buffer keeps a useful up-to-date list of these changes and their implications here on their blog.)

And it’s not just Facebook. It’s our whole online life. We’re getting run around like a dog on the scent of a hamburger.

Some of the highest level technology executives and investors are sounding an alarm that social media is changing human behavior and human relationships -- and not for the better. Pay special attention to the words of Chamath Palihapitiya who was a senior executive at Facebook. “We want to figure out how to psychologically manipulate you as fast as possible and then give you back that dopamine hit.”  (You can watch some of his comments and comments by former president of Facebook Sean Parker here.)

We’re being crushed by an ADD feedback loop that addicts us to checking and checking and checking our devices.

But here’s something you aren’t hearing so much about: it’s happening within our organizations as well. We’re focused on too many of the wrong things. The technology is driving us instead of the other way around. We’ve become that middle school girl who keeps checking her Instagram account to see if she’s worthy of being liked, and even worthy of liking herself.

Our job is to build sustainable and effective organizations, and we’re losing our focus.

There’s another way. There’s a better way. And my goal over the next few weeks is to introduce you to it. Stay tuned.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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