The three things that frustrate digital teams most

When Make-A-Wish made a commitment to constituent-centric storytelling, the first step for the organization was getting to truly know its constituents. Sure, there’s the demographic info anyone can pick up from Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. But real insights into what motivates audiences to read, share, give and volunteer...collecting that kind of information takes more work. You can read about how we helped Make-A-Wish with that here. 

So when we at See3 wanted to better understand our constituents, we made sure to go beyond the metrics as well. Through dozens of interviews and an extensive survey, we've learned quite about you guys.

One thing that became super clear is that digital teams at nonprofits are frustrated. They are frustrated about:

  • Budgets -- there’s never enough money to invest in moving organizations forward online.
  • Silos -- different departments work independently of one another, resulting in lots of miscommunication, tough timelines, and a lack of cohesive strategy.
  • Empowerment -- a lot of digital teams at nonprofits feel more like an internal agency, rather than integral part of the organization. They struggle to be heard and find opportunities to flex their skills, know-how and creativity.

Well, let us give you a hand at changing all of that. We are doing deep work with our organizational partners to break down silos and empower digital and communications teams through Digital Minimalism, our methodology for doing more with less. Want to get some of that? Apply for the first ever See3 Strategy Summit and be in touch about how we can help you directly.

Author: Michael Hoffman
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