Time to Vote for the 2017 DoGooder Awards!

The time has come! Earlier this month, individuals and nonprofits submitted their social good videos for the DoGooder Awards, brought to you by See3 and our partners at NTEN and Causevox. Now we need YOU to pick the very best in each of the three categories: Funny for Good, Fundraising for Good and Best Nonprofit Video. Think you can help us out?

Voting runs through March 20. We’ll announce the winners at NTEN’s 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference on March 23.

Here’s what you need to know about each category:

Funny for Good

These are the videos that push the boundaries, make us laugh and are impossible to forget. Tough subjects are a little easier to digest with humor, right? These videos encourage us to laugh, sometimes at ourselves, for the good of human- or animal-kind. Take a look at this year’s Funny for Good entries and make your pick.

Fundraising for Good

Asking for money is hard stuff, and with so many worthy causes vying for our funds, it takes serious effort to grab the attention of willing donors. These nonprofits gave it their all to make a case and raise money for their mission. Watch them all and vote for your favorite.

Best Nonprofit Video

Happy, sad or in between, these videos take it to the next level. They pull at your heart and make you stop in your tracks. Whatever their methods, it’s working. Check out these incredible videos and vote for your favorite before March 20.

Once you’ve voted, share with your friends, family and colleagues. The winners are up to you!

Author: Maggie Christ
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