The Video Creative Brief [FREE TEMPLATE]

Ever seen an awesome video that reaffirms your faith in humanity and wondered how video creators can put so much emotion into a short but powerful combination of sound and images?

We’ll let you in on a little secret, it all starts with a document called “The Creative Brief.” The creative brief allows professional storytellers to capture information like who you want to reach, what you want to tell them, and what you want them to do after they watch your video. It also lets us learn about the tone you want to convey and how the video will be used. 

Regarless of the end use, the creative brief can be overwhelming if you try to do it alone. In fact, what most nonprofits don’t know is that this is actually the trickiest part of video production. 

Sometimes it takes someone who is not so close to your cause to uncover the hidden gems of your organization's mission. The creative brief helps video creators figure out your message, audience, goals and more.

At See3, we create dozens of nonprofit videos every year, and we always use the creative brief to help bring our clients’ visions to life. It is our fail-proof way of turning their ideas into a powerful video that makes an impact for their organization.

Ready to get started? Download our creative brief template to begin to imagine what your next video could look like. If you'd like some help making your next video, send us an email to [email protected]. We'd love to hear more about it. 

Want to know more about what it takes to create a great video? Join See3’s producer’s Tristan Hanson and Stacy Laiderman for the webinar 5 Steps to Creating an Awesome Nonprofit Video next Thursday, October 8 from 1-2pm CT!

Author: Nicole Miles
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