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Here are just a few things the team at See3 are reading this week about technology, philanthropy, social change, and more. Tell what you’re reading this week in the comments!

How can we use social media for long-term impact?

Wired: Will Standing Rock stand as another example of social media creating unsustainable expectations? Wired speculates: “If social media enabled the Standing Rock Sioux to amplify its protest, it's ceaseless flow also allowed the world to forget about them.”

There should be a geofilter for this.

New York Times: Snapchat is having an IPO. It’s going to be yuuuge! In part because the future is in chat and the AI that drives it. The company/app is making itself more appealing to publishers by providing tools that can weed out fake news.

How do the Kardashians fit into this?

Techcrunch: 1.7 billion. That’s the number of ads Google removed from its search engine in 2016. Google will focus in 2017 on “tabloid cloaking.” Those are the ads dressed up to look like tabloid news. We wish them luck.

Take a bite out of crime…and this article

Chronicle of Philanthropy: The Chronicle of Philanthropy brings us this podcast wherein the CEO of the Ad Council talks about how the public service advertising organization has recalibrated for the digital age.

I wonder how HR will handle this

The Onion: Yes, we love The Onion. And this story about now former President Obama’s “lukewarm” review of the job of POTUS on Glassdoor.

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