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Is Facebook Live changing journalism?

The Conversation: Seth Lewis and Nicole Smith Dahmen from the University of Oregon explore how Facebook Live is raising important questions about the future of journalism and Facebook’s role as a news provider. “Facebook says live videos generate 10 times more comments than regular ones.”

Digital forces change at the Times

The New York Times: The Gray Lady is revamping its editing policies and processes to adapt to the digital age. The need for speed is forcing major changes at the venerable institution.  “The world places a higher value on speed than it once did, but what if that leads to more corrections?”

Major shakeup at the FCC

Washington Post: Elections have consequences, including at the FCC. The commission recently overturned a decision made late in the Obama administration that supported the efforts of companies to provide Internet access to low-income communities. New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has publicly stated his opposition to Net Neutrality.

Do as I say…

Wired: Tech may be a leader in the resistance to President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, but it continues to have a diversity problem. “Black people and Latinos earn nearly 18 percent of computer science degrees, but hold barely 5 percent of tech jobs.”

Author: Mitch Hurst
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