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How altruism goes viral

Nature.com: New research provides insight into what makes fundraising and awareness campaigns go viral. The sustainability of social cause campaigns may depend on whether motivations to give originate from the heart or from external pressures. “In fact, extrinsic incentives, such as competitions, can actually undermine people's intrinsic motivation to do good by eroding moral sentiment.”

Yes, tech can help close the gender gap

Harvard Business Review: New tech tools are empowering women to better understand pay gaps and to equip them to fight for equal opportunities in the workplace. Startups such as Fairygodboss and Doxa are crowdsourcing data from companies with female-friendly cultures and policies to help women shape their career paths.

Is analog making a comeback?

New York Review of Books: Bill McKibben reviews David Sax’s new book, The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter. Moleskin notebooks, vinyl records, whiteboards, board game parlors. Signs of the resilience of the analog world are all around us, we just may be too busy looking at our smartphones to notice.

Tech collides with church in the Tenderloin

Wired: A tech company joins forces with a reverend to take an honest look at the gentrification of a San Francisco neighborhood. “The arrival of Twitter, Salesforce, Spotify, Zendesk, and other companies in the Tenderloin and adjacent mid-Market corridor has ironically amounted to one of tech’s biggest disruptions, depositing more than 10,000 comparatively wealthy, generally white employees into the city’s poorest, most diverse neighborhood.”

Author: Mitch Hurst
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