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Syrian refugee becomes a tech mentor

CNN: The ReDI School of Digital Integration is a Berlin-based NGO that provides tech skills to Syrian refugees they can use to obtain employment in Germany’s growing IT sector. "There's this period of time when they are not maybe legally entitled to do an official education or maybe to start working right away. So what we try to do is offer an alternative."

How to trick Facebook’s algorithm

The Atlantic: We’re being watched. Of course, we already knew that, but the depth to which Facebook uses online data to peer into our souls can be disconcerting. A new browser extension helps the mischievous muck with Facebook’s algorithms. “The project is meant to encourage people to question what they’re doing when they click a Facebook reaction button.”

Google uses AI to fight hate speech

Forbes: Google has launched Perspective, a new tool designed to flag toxic speech. Comment section editors rejoice! “If you think about toxic speech online today, it is essentially the verbal equivalent of the schoolyard bully shoving someone off the swing set because the bully doesn’t like them.”

Author: Mitch Hurst
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