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Nonprofit leading the way in AI

Nonprofit Quarterly: Nonprofit tech organizations are innovating in the AI space, providing apps and tools using AI technology to solve important community challenges. Drawing on publicly available information, nonprofit tech is offering legal and behavioral health services, as well as resources on clean energy and language translation: “In a recent article on the online news outlet Recode, Shannon Farley, cofounder and executive director of Fast Forward, “the first and only accelerator exclusively for nonprofits,” wrote about how, when it comes to creating AI apps for greater good, it’s nonprofits that are leading the way, not Silicon Valley startups.

Imagine if Apple had to run like a nonprofit

Nonprofit AF: Nonprofits deal with lots of unique, sometimes weird, challenges that people at for-profit companies often never need to think about. This hilarious work of fiction takes a "what if" look at Tim Cook and the gang at Apple, and how the company would function on a day-to-day basis if they operated like a nonprofit. "We’ve been short-staffed. In fact, our entire Research & Development department is basically just Eduardo, who graduated last month with a Master’s in Botany, but he took several online courses on coding."

Need for collaboration in fundraising continues

SSIR: While the great recession of the 21st Century was supposed to prompt a wave of nonprofit mergers, that never quite panned out. What it did do was force organizations to assess and adjust their fundraising strategies. Refocusing efforts on building trustworthy brands continues to be key for survival and growth, and at See3 we provide counsel and tools to help clients do that: In another example, a very large hospital is helping smaller, rural hospitals raise funds so they can take on more local cases and reduce the patient load on the larger institution. This project was more informal, and focused on sharing resources and expertise, but it still required significant trust and understanding.


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