What We're Reading: Hungry Lion Edition

Progressives can’t win with just tech

Wired: Progressive leaders are gathering in cities across the country to chart the course ahead, with the understanding that technology and metrics alone can’t lead the way. Tech still needs to partner with the power and knowledge of seasoned activists to respond to the current political reality: “‘We need to create a space for people to come together and unify around a common vision of the future, collaborate, and in some cases merge together to fight the battles ahead.”

Hashtag exhaustion

Mashable: National Sibling Day? National Unicorn Day? Mashable writer Brett Williams wants all the holiday hashtags to just stop, especially if they’re glorified corporate promotions: “What really irked me about National Unicorn Day was something I've noticed with other social media holidays: a brand's attempt to dominate the conversation. Ice Breakers mints, which has an ad campaign revolving around unicorns for some reason, made the day its own.”

Yes, you can feed the lions

Techcrunch: Fountain Digital Labs has a new virtual reality platform that allows users to virtually engage with real African animals up close and personal. It’s like going on safari from your living room: “Seeing a big rhino in its natural home from the perspective of a mud puddle inches away, or having a lion literally lick my face to test if I am edible, were among the coolest things I have done in VR to date.”

Author: Mitch Hurst
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