What We’re Reading: Making the World Better

Biggest network wins

New York Times: Facebook keeps winning because it has the biggest and most engaged network. Other networks may lead the way in developing new features and apps, but Facebook uses its digital marketshare to pounce. “Do you know what happens when you control four of the biggest networks in the world? You get to stop worrying about competitors beating you on features.”

Texting helps kids with trauma

Fast Company: A new startup, Mindright, is helping kids who witness or experience violence deal with the emotional and psychological effects of trauma. The startup is currently running a pilot with 90 school children in Washington, DC and New Jersey, using texting to offer opportunities for the kids to express themselves. “Using text messaging could be a way to help students get help when they might not be comfortable talking to a counselor in person.”

Where black millennials gather online

CNN: Blavity is an online community where black millennials gather to talk about the issues of the day. The nonprofit features both content from its community members as well as original content produced by Blavity staff. The organization’s founder, Morgan DeBaun, recently featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, spoke with CNN. “I get to wake up and literally think about how we can make the world better: How can we create more opportunities for people? How can we make more lanes for people to swim in?”

Author: Mitch Hurst
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