YouTube Launches a Breakthrough in Nonprofit Fundraising

There’s a new tool rolling out on YouTube that we’re really excited about: donation cards.

Donation cards are a simple add-on to YouTube videos that allow anyone watching to donate to a U.S. nonprofit organization. Any video creator can add a donation card to their video and designate which U.S. nonprofit organization will receive the funds (learn more about which nonprofits qualify). YouTube doesn’t add any fees, so organizations will receive 100% of the money donated. YouTube is working with Network for Good so that any registered U.S. nonprofit can become a donation card recipient without needing to sign up.

As you probably know, See3 has been helping nonprofits create videos that move their missions forward for a long time, and we think this tool is going to be a huge breakthrough for nonprofits and their constituents. We just wrote a piece for Beth Kanter's blog about a recent Google study that showed the link between videos and donations, and we think this tool makes that correlation even stronger.

Time and time again, nonprofits struggle to make the connection between someone watching a video on a screen and someone completing a donation on their website. This is usually because it takes people several clicks to get from an online video to a donation page, and in that time they could lose interest, get distracted, become frustrated with the donation platform, or not complete a donation for any other number of other reasons.

Now, YouTube is giving people a chance to easily make donation decisions right from your YouTube videos. See how easy (and how amazing it is) below. You can learn more about how the donation card works by checking out the YouTube Help Center.


Screenshot 2015-12-16 18.57.33.png


While watching a video, viewers see the donation card pop up. You can place the card at whatever part of the video you think is best. We recommend within the first five seconds of the video (to capture people before before they click away) and last five seconds of the video (when they might be feeling most emotionally compelled to donate).


Screenshot 2015-12-16 18.57.42.png


Once viewers click on the card, they’re given simple donation options that make it easy for them to decide to give. The the text that you use is completely customizable from within your YouTube video manager.


Screenshot 2015-12-16 18.57.50.png


Then, using donation cards, your viewers can make a donation to your organization. On Android and desktop devices, that process can be completed without leaving your video screen! 


Screenshot 2015-12-16 19.06.01.png


It’s incredibly simple. And incredibly powerful.

The other best part of this tool is that you don’t need to be a nonprofit to use it. Anyone with a YouTube account can add a donation card to their videos – including your longtime supporters. You can share this news with your constituents and encourage them to fundraise on your behalf using YouTube.

You can learn more about how the donation card works by checking out the YouTube Help Center.

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Author: Bridgett Colling
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