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Oct 30
by Bridgett Colling

Many nonprofits fall into the trap of believing that their audience is the general public, when the truth is that your supporters are much more nuanced than that. 

Oct 21
by Guest Post

Author Katherine Nagasawa is an interactive media storyteller who recently joined See3 as a Video Post Production Intern.

Oct 13
by Nicole Miles

Have you ever scrolled across a branded tweet or Facebook post and fondly thought, “This is something I’d say to my friend” before you liked or starred the post?

If you have, you experienced brand voice doing what it does best: getting people involved.

Oct 2
by Nicole Miles

In nonprofit communications, video is an important tool that allows you to show your stakeholders what’s going on when written text just won’t do.

Sep 30
by Nicole Miles

Ever seen an awesome video that reaffirms your faith in humanity and wondered how video creators can put so much emotion into a short but powerful combination of sound and images?