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Aug 17
by Briana Kerensky
At See3, we call this impetus to create a video ASAP regardless of organizational priorities, “Make me a meme and make it go viral.”
Aug 11
by Michael Hoffman
The concept of peer-to-peer -- turning our best supporters into influencers and solicitors -- is the exact direction organizations need to move to gain new supporters and maintain existing ones.
Aug 8
by Briana Kerensky
A strong digital strategy sets your team up for success, and allows you to enjoy some self-care without worrying about consequences.
Aug 4
by Michael Hoffman
What I fear is that in the midst of all this focus on data and optimization, we are losing sight of the need for powerful and emotional storytelling.
Jul 31
by Miriam Brosseau
See3 is working with Make-A-Wish to help them tell more powerful stories - stories that speak to the impact of a wish on everyone touched by the experience, that illustrate the urgency of granting those wishes, and the need for donors and volunteers to step up.