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Aug 14
by Miriam Brosseau

Last week, ELI Talks released a new video unique to the catalogue.

Aug 13
by Nicole Miles

In a sea full of posts, tweets, likes, and shares, nonprofits are challenged with capturing the attention of donors who are over-stimulated with social media content. And as tempting as it may be to follow the recommendation of the board to “make videos go viral,” we suggest you think again.

Jul 10
by Michael Hoffman

Your website is a kind of simple maze that allows people to go to where they want at their own pace. They can click here or click there and you hope they stumble upon – and are moved by – one of your calls to action.

Jun 25
by Erin Schaeffer

One of See3’s company goals for 2015 is to obtain a B Corporation certification, which recognizes companies that use "the power of social business to solve social and environmental problems." What started as a “we’ll-have-this-done-in-a-month” project h

Jun 11
by Michael Hoffman

At See3 we’ve made hundreds of videos, many of them for gala fundraising events. In this time, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.