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Dec 4
by Michael Hoffman

The Jewish learning institution Mechon Hadar came to See3 with a challenge.

Nov 20
by Mark Roth

Developing a successful web project doesn't depend on the work of a web team alone. It’s a mutual responsibility between the two parties: the client and the web team. At See3, we know our success isn't based solely on our technical expertise.

Nov 19
by Miriam Brosseau

Like too many women, I’m not always the confident professional I strive to be. I say yes to things I don’t have time for because I don’t want to upset anyone. I mitigate my assertions by ending statements with question marks.

Nov 14
by Lisa Colton

Above: Members of the Jewish Day School Social Media Academy are all smiles after a social media boot camp. 

Nov 11
by Michael Hoffman

What is the goal of the flight safety video that you are shown before you take-off when you fly? Seriously, who doesn’t know how to put on a seat belt? It shows people the exits and at least theoretically enables the passengers to act smarter in the case of a real emergency.