Alzheimer’s Association
Peer-to-peer fundraising

Alzheimer's Association and See3 created a Personalized Video that increased peer-to-peer donations three-fold.

“We were looking for ways to maximize online fundraising and give participants easier ways to ask their friends and family to donate,” Alzheimer’s Association Digital Fundraising and Constituent Events Director Noel Beebe said. “Personalized Video is a richer storytelling experience and takes a lot of the work off of them to make the ask.”

And it was definitely effective. Alzheimer’s Association found that Walk to End Alzheimer’s participants who shared a Personalized Video with their family and friends raised three times as much as participants who did not.

See3 worked with the organization’s staff to develop a script and produce a Personalized Video with an emotional appeal that felt unique and personal for each individual watching it.

See3’s development team programmed Alzheimer’s Association’s constituent relationship management tool so that it would automatically populate the Personalized Video with each participant’s name, donation goal, and who they were honoring at the event. Each participant received a customized video on their fundraising page they could share with friends and family via email and social media.

“People are looking for quick actionable ways to reach their contacts, and this does that,” said Senior Director of Constituent Events Wendy Vizek. “They share the Personalized Video on their social networks,  and the minute they get that first donation they’re excited to share again.”

Since our first Personalized Video together, See3 has created three more for Alzheimer’s Association. And we want to create even more! Let us know if you’re interested in a demo.