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Jun 29
by Mitch Hurst
Nonprofits are innovating AI, fundraising collaboration across nonprofits, and imaging a world where Apple had to function like a nonprofit.
Jun 27
by Miriam Brosseau
Here’s what the “will make you” phrase teaches us about great content, and ways you can put it into practice without getting flagged by our beneficent overlords at Facebook for spam.
Jun 23
by Michael Hoffman
Let's face facts -- only 20 percent of what you do yields 80 percent of the results. We're going to help you reveal what you should do more of, what you can do better, and what's got to give.
Jun 22
by Mitch Hurst
This week, the See3 team read about Millennial giving habits, happy vs. sad faces in donation asks, and how easy it is to make fake news go viral.
Jun 19
by Miriam Brosseau
Whether intentionally or not, we’re always telling stories. Our supporters understand themselves, and their world, in terms of story.